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On this page, you'll discover the exciting array of partners who have joined forces with Exactly, each contributing their unique expertise and resources to help us achieve our mission.


Anthias is a tool that allows users to track how close big wallets are to liquidation on different blockchains and protocols.

Beefy Finance

Beefy Finance is a DeFi platform that allows users to earn yield on their cryptocurrency holdings through automated investment strategies.
The platform offers a range of vaults, which are automated strategies that allow users to deposit their tokens and earn yield through various investment methods, such as liquidity provision, yield farming, and arbitrage. Users can deposit their tokens into these vaults and receive a share of the profits generated by the strategy.

Beethoven X (Balancer powered)

Beethoven X is a decentralized investment platform that provides innovative, capital-efficient, and sustainable solutions for DeFi users. Built around the core concept of programmable liquidity, the platform offers a suite of unique financial primitives, such as Weighted Pools, Boosted Pools, and Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs).


DeFiLlama is an analytics platform that provides comprehensive data and insights on the DeFi ecosystem. The platform tracks and aggregates information about various DeFi protocols and blockchains, offering users an overview of key metrics.


DeFiSafety is an organization that provides assessments and ratings of DeFi products. They offer Protocol and Chain Reviews, providing security scores based on a quality standard.

Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics is a platform that allows users to query public blockchain data and aggregate it into dashboards to make crypto data accessible.

Extra Finance

Extra Finance is a lending leveraged yield farming (LYF) protocol built on OP Mainnet. LYF strategies allow users to amplify their returns on investments by borrowing additional funds to invest in a liquidity pool.

InsurAce Protocol

InsurAce is a decentralized multi-chain protocol that provides risk protection services to DeFi users, allowing them to protect their investment funds against various risks.


Lido is a liquid-staking solution for ETH. The protocol is intended to allow users to stake their ETH while simultaneously participating in on-chain lending with stETH and wstETH, thus providing them access to additional yield from other protocols.

Mean Finance

Mean Finance is the state-of-the-art DCA open protocol that enables users (or dapps) to Dollar Cost Average (DCA) any ERC20 into any ERC20 with their preferred period frequency, without sacrificing decentralization or giving up personal information to any centralized parties.


Messari is a platform that features the ability to track DeFi protocols and crypto assets, discover research, follow crypto events, and find DAOs and Web3 tools.


Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet labels. The platform enables users to discover opportunities, perform due diligence, and monitor their portfolios with real-time dashboards and alerts.

Nexus Mutual

Nexus Mutual is a decentralized insurance platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to provide a way for individuals and organizations to share risk without relying on traditional insurance providers.
The platform allows users to purchase coverage against smart contract failure, hacks, and other events that may result in financial losses in the DeFi space. Users can also provide liquidity to the platform's insurance pool and earn rewards for doing so.


OP Mainnet is a low-cost and lightning-fast Ethereum L2 (Layer 2) blockchain, designed to be fast, cheap, and simple while maintaining the security and decentralization of L1 (Layer 1).
In partnership with the Optimism Foundation, we have launched a rewards initiative that allows our users to earn $OP tokens.


Sablier is a token streaming protocol that facilitates the streaming of ERC-20 assets on Ethereum and other EVM blockchains, enabling users to make continuous, real-time payments on a per-second basis.


Velodrome is a next-generation AMM (Automatic Market Maker) designed to serve as Optimism's central liquidity hub.

Yearn Finance

Yearn Finance is a yield aggregator. Giving individuals, DAOs, and other protocols a way to deposit digital assets and receive yield. Yearn Vaults are capital pools that automatically generate yield based on opportunities present in the market.


Zapper is a Web3 explorer that allows users to track the blockchain journey of others in DeFi protocols, NFTs, and DAOs. With Zapper, users can track and follow multiple wallets and explore new opportunities in DeFi by browsing various protocols.

Who can I contact about partnerships/integrations?

Feel free to reach out through Discord or other platforms in the Quick Links section.