Token Allocation

The total token supply will be 10,000,000 EXA and will be distributed as follows:

  • Community: 4,500,000 EXA (45.00%) will be distributed to Exactly Protocolโ€™s community to foster community engagement, awareness, and protocol adoption.

  • Team, Advisors, and Investors: 4,500,000 EXA (45.00%) will be distributed to Exactlyโ€™s employees, advisors, and investors.

  • DAO Treasury: The Exactly DAO Treasury will receive an immediate allocation of 1,000,000 EXA (10%) of the total supply. It grants the Treasury immediate access to necessary resources for its role within the ecosystem.

Token Distribution for the Community

The total Community token supply will be distributed as follows:

Airdrop for early users:

Since we launched the OP token rewards program in April, the community members already using the Protocol in OP Mainnet will receive an airdrop of 1% (100,000 EXA) of the total token supply, fostering community engagement, awareness, and protocol adoption. The criteria will be based on the proportion of already distributed OP rewards through our Rewards Controller, measured on July 18, 2023, at 19:00 UTC. Users assigned OP rewards but didnโ€™t claim them will also be eligible for the airdrop.

Users can claim their tokens on July 25, 2023, at 14:00 UTC. We will implement a linear stream of 4 months for airdrop tokens, starting on the actual claiming date, ensuring a controlled and steady supply of EXA tokens. To facilitate token distribution, we have selected Sablier as a platform that meets high security and robustness standards. All the processes will happen through the Exactly app in the new Governance section.

EXA Incentives and Community Grants:

The protocol users will receive 5% (500,000 EXA) of the total token supply during 2023 through the current Rewards Controller Contract and other incentive mechanisms through strategic partnerships with Beefy, Velodrome, etc. The EXA token rewards will start on July 24, 2023. The remaining EXA (and Escrowed EXA) tokens will be released until May 2028 (EXAIP-02).

The Exactly DAO will also be awarding EXA token grants to those builders who want to build on top of Exactly Protocol to foster the growth of the Exactly ecosystem.

To ensure the optimal use of our available token supply, we have already introduced our Rewards Controller Contract as a distribution rule that adjusts rewards based on the percentage of the target loan volume achieved within the Exactly Protocol, using tokens allocated for community rewards.

According to [EXAIP-03], one million EXA tokens will be distributed to the 117 affected users in the security incident that occurred on August 18th. This allocation represents 10% of the total EXA token supply and approximately 20% of the EXA token supply designated for the community.

Token distribution for Team Members, Advisors, and Investors

We have implemented a linear lockup period of 48 months, starting on June 1, 2024. All these tokens have voting power and are vested with Sablier.

You can see all the EXA token holders here and the lockup scheme in the following chart:

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