Proposals and Voting

EXA is the governance token of Exactly Protocol that will be used as our voting metric and is decided as follows:
  • EXAIPs are subject to a simple majority vote. To maintain the platform's integrity, submitting a proposal requires a minimum score of 100 EXA tokens, ensuring genuine contributions and preventing spam.
  • The voting delay will be one day, the voting period will be five days, and a proposal must meet a threshold of 100,000 EXA tokens (1% of the total EXA supply) for approval. You can also check this information in our Snapshot settings.
  • All users with the right to receive EXA in the future who are vesting their tokens via Sablier carry the same voting power as regular EXA token holders. This parity in voting rights ensures fairness and equal participation in the governance process and includes the following types of users:
    • esEXA token holders (EXAIP-01)
    • Team members, advisors, and investors that receive EXA tokens with vesting (EXAIP-02)
    • Affected users that received compensation in EXA tokens with vesting (EXAIP-03)
  • A new governance proposal can change these initial parameters.
You can check your voting power in the Exactly web app Governance Section and in Snapshots.