Returns the price of an asset considering two different Chainlink price feeds.

Written as a generic implementation it can be used, for example, to retrieve the price of WBTC. Queries BTC/ ETH feed and multiplies it by the exchange rate between WBTC / BTC before returning the price that itโ€™s then used by the Auditor.

Public State Variables


function baseUnit() external view returns (uint256)

The base units are used to normalize the answer when multiplied by the second price feed rate.


function decimals() external view returns (uint8)

Number of decimals that the answer of this price feed has.


function priceFeedOne() external view returns (contract IPriceFeed)

Main price feed where the price is fetched from.


function priceFeedTwo() external view returns (contract IPriceFeed)

Second price feed where the asset's rate is fetched from.

View Methods


function latestAnswer() external view returns (int256)

Returns the price feed's latest value considering the other price feed's rate.

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