Exactly Token (EXA)

EXA Smart Contract Address (exa.eth): 0x1e925de1c68ef83bd98ee3e130ef14a50309c01b
The EXA token grants holders the right to vote on system changes and upgrades. Holders of the EXA token will wield power over the Protocol’s treasury and smart contract upgrades.
As the Protocol develops, EXA token holders will play a crucial role in decision-making, including setting collateral requirements, introducing new collateral types, adjusting borrowing and lending terms, and managing token incentives. These decisions demand thoughtful evaluation of various factors, and the Exactly team will provide research, analysis, and open-source simulations to assist the community in making informed decisions.


Circulating Supply & Token Holders

EXA token holders and Circulating Supply can be tracked at the following link: https://optimistic.etherscan.io/token/tokenholderchart/0x1e925de1c68ef83bd98ee3e130ef14a50309c01b

Price Info

Velodrome Liquidity Pool

EXA Vaults

EXA-​WETH LP Vault on Beefy: https://app.beefy.com/vault/velodrome-v2-exa-weth
Leveraged yield farming pool on Extra Finance: https://app.extrafi.io/farm/vAMMV2-EXA%2FWETH