Exactly Protocol


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Welcome! Here you will find our white and math papers, guides on using our Protocol to lend and borrow crypto assets, and all the material developers will need to start building on top of Exactly.
​Exactly Protocol was started in July 2021, launched to Ethereum Mainnet in November 2022, and to Optimism in March 2023 by a team of stakeholders with software, economics, finance, and math expertise. You can find more info about us on Linkedin and GitHub.
Exactly was funded by long-term capital partners with a track record of alignment with Web2 and Web3 ecosystems. Some of our current investors are Kazsek, BairesDAO, NXTP, Newtopia, Kain Warwick (Co-Founder of Synthetix), Esteban Ordano (Co-Founder of Decentraland), Matias Woloski (Co-Founder of Auth0), Daedalus among others.
The Protocol was audited by Coinspect, Chainsafe, and ABDK, among others. Cryptecon audited the economic model. You can find all the audit reports here.
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